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Our Principles

Listening - Conversations - Change

Inspired by the "Indi Way", we (the members of Voices for lyne) seek to adopt the following principles to guide our engagement with each other, the community at large and with politics in general. 

Voices for Lyne strive to: 

  • Create safe spaces to discuss politics recognising that collaboration, compromise and creative thinking is fostered by using inclusive, respectful processes that can be novel and fun;

  • Require ‘being your best self’ as a representative or a constituent by engaging respectfully, transparently and in a way that invites others to participate;

  • Hear all voices, harnessing the energies and ideas from new and long term residents, youth, grandparents, carers, workers, business owners, retirees, pensioners;

  • ​Nurture the involvement of young people and women, in political debate and active participation in our democracy;

  • ​Recognise the traditional owners of the land and actively support reconciliation and strong vibrant Aboriginal cultures;

  • ​Welcome progressive ideas focused on solutions and the future;

  • Empowers rather than follow by telling our stories, celebrating our successes, and showcasing great ideas;

  • Create the politicians we wish by identifying, supporting, and training people from our community to come forward as candidates implementing the Voices for Lyne principles at elections;

  • Put people before parties by placing the current needs and long-term future of the electorate before party politics;

  • Provide for long-term vision beyond election cycles that is adopted by successive representatives, being reviewed and updated over time as communities develop;

  • Works effectively with the government of the day, accepting that in a democracy, the majority forms government, and influence Opposition policy for the benefit of Lyne communities; &

  • Adhere to these principles in conducting the business of parliament and interacting within the political system for the benefit of Lyne

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