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Our Voices Movement

Founded in 2021, Voices for Lyne (V4L) is a community group focused on improving our representative democracy. Inspired by the "voices for Indi" movement we hope to invigorate interest in politics, improve our representative democracy and make a positive change to politics as usual.

We set out to listen and learn from you, the voices in Lyne. We want to strengthen connections in our community and increase pride in our electorate. We are non-partisan and wish to engage with and invite representatives from all political parties to participate in listening to Lyne.

Our principle activity is to listen and engage with the community to hear whats important to them. We will collate this data and bring it to the attention of our current and upcoming 
political representatives. 

Lets raise our voices together and give Lyne a strong voice in


  • To strive for an understanding of the issues important to the people of Lyne and promote those issues at a national level. 

  • To strengthen active participation in democracy by the Lyne community.

  • To strive for the highest standards of political representation for our electorate. 


  • Integrity - Voices for Lyne is committed to being honest and respectful, being well informed and referring to reputable sources when making statements. 

  • Accountability - Voices for Lyne is committed to promoting accountability from our political representative and in the political process. 

  • Inclusion - Voices for Lyne is committed to listening to every voice in the Lyne electorate, we welcome differing opinions and are committed to supporting a safe forum for people to have a say. 

  • Respect - Voices for Lyne is committed to valuing people in our electorate with respect and courtesy. We are committed to listening with empathy and taking concerns seriously.


  • Coming together - Voices for Lyne is committed to bringing our Lyne community together to build pride in our region and confidence in our political processes. We celebrate our unique electorate, acknowledge our differences and value shared concerns. 

V4L acknowledges that we are gathered on Birpai and Worimi Land and pays respect to Elders past present and emerging. We very much hope, and expect, to see the Uluru Statement from the Heart instituted in the near term. Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land.

Meet the Voices for Lyne team ....section coming soon.

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