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The August 25 2022 AGM augered in new office holders. We have rehashed the V4L Principles and are developing a 2023 Action Plan.

Host your own Kitchen Table Conversation

Click the paperclip to download
and print everything you need to
host your very own KTC!


Its time to talk!

Hosting a kitchen table conversation (KTC) is your opportunity to come together with friends, old and new, and talk about what matters to you, the people of Lyne.

In a 1.5 hour session you will share what you value about Lyne, the issues locally and federally that are important to you and how you would like politics to be.

Your responses will be collated anonymously into a report. This report will be shared with our political representatives and used to raise the profile of important issues in our area.

KTC's are safe and fun - a way to engage with and talk about politics and democracy, without getting into “Party politics. 


We hope you join the conversation!

Those wishing to host can access the paperless online forms below or print hardcopies from the paperclip link above. If you are not confident with the digital format and/or cannot print your own - please get in touch and we can arrange to post you a kit. 

If you would like help preparing for or facilitating your conversation, please get in touch, our friendly volunteers are happy to help where we can. 

If you have any questions or for further information please contact us at

Have your say today!

Cant get to a KTC? Still want your chance to be heard? 
Click the link above to fill out your individual KTC responses today.

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